Whether you like to enjoy those cheaper bottles of wine or you just adore the classic, Spain is certainly a country that has much to offer. If you enjoy most of the wines of a “new world” like those from Australia, America, and California, Spanish wines will be a great introduction into the world of this old classic drink. If you do not know where to start, you can always look at the wines we have in our offer. And now there is a short and simple introduction to this Spanish drink of the gods.

Spanish-WineMany of the Spanish wineries will age the wine for you not only in barrels, but also in a bottle, which is what makes the wine extremely special. Wines that are aged the longest in the winery mostly have a label “Gran Reserva” on the bottle. Then, the next labels are “Reserva”, “Ciranza” and at the end “Joven” – the wine that spent the shortest time in the wineries. Given that it is a European Union country, stickers on bottles of wine are very similar those that are in Italy and France. All our wines are made with the greatest love and care to bring you the finest taste and pleasure when drinking.


The climate in Spain varies greatly depending on the region. In the central part of the country, summers are very warm, and winter is extremely cold, while in other regions the weather varies from a constantly very cold to constantly and extremely warm. Weather is very important in the process of how the wine will taste, and what color will it have. It affects how much grapes will be matured, how many will there be, the size, smell, and on where it will be between sweet, bitter and sour. The taste of wine depends at large on this. But one thing is certain – the Spanish climate is very friendly to all types of wine, so almost every taste there is in the world can also be found in Spain, and it will have very high quality.